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Photo Cartoons
Have some fun and turn a favourite photo into a cartoon! At FotoFlatter we don't just put the image into an automated program which does the job for you like some websites. We hand draw over the image taking care to include every necessary detail of the photograph. This means you can specify whatever colours, backgrounds and features you would like in your cartoons.
Photo Red Eye Removal
Red Eye Removal
Red Eye occurs in photos when the camera flash reflects off the back of the retinas inside our eyes. It spoils countless otherwise great shots. FotoFlatter can easily solve this problem and make your photos look perfect.
Restore Old Photographs
Photo Restoration
We are lucky these days to have digital imagery. You take a photo and get an instant result that gets stored digitally. Old photographs taken on film took time to process and were stored in a book maybe or on the wall. This leaves them exposed to fading from sunlight and general wear and tear from being handled. The team at FotoFlatter can professionally and meticulously restore old photographs. Whether it be a scratch or tear FotoFlatter can fix it.
Online Photo Fix, Photo Editing
Colour Change
Have you ever wondered if your car would look good in different colour? How about your hair, or even your eyes? FottoFlatter can answer that question for you in no time. Anything you like, we can change the colour of.

This is only a small sample of what we can do with your photos. You can see a full list of what we do on our prices and services page and also when you start submitting your photos.

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